Agassiz Auto Haulers

The “Aer-Cargo” Auto Haulers by Agassiz Trailers are one of the most aerodynamic trailers on the market today. The triple wedge “V” front, directs the airflow to both sides as well as up and over.

The 4 ft. “V”, greatly enhances the ease of towing, resulting in better gas mileage with your tow vehicle. All different lengths are manufactured and different interior heights are optional for the taller vehicles.

Many customers purchase the auto hauler for 4 seasonal uses. By simply adding the optional “V” front ramp door, your auto hauler is now converted to a trailer to haul your sleds in winter or your ATV’s in the spring and fall. It is built in Canada to withstand the Canadian climate and the severe temperature changes.

The innovative design and high standards at Agassiz set us apart from the rest of the manufacturers. Our aim is to manufacture high-quality and dust-proof trailers. After all, that’s why you want a trailer in the first place.

We also incorporate a 4 ft. beavertail. When you’re hauling low riding vehicles, whether it’s a Corvette or a show bike, this 4 ft. beavertail or dovetail floor, allows more clearance distance and less chance of damage to vehicles that are low to the ground.

Standard with the Agassiz manufactured auto haulers are the four 5000 lb. D-Rings in the floor, the rear ramp door, the 4 ft. beavertail, equalizer hitch ready, and the rear in-corner stabilizer jacks.

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