Trailer Service and Repairs

If your trailer requires maintenance or repair, bring it to Wilf’s Elie Ford, located just west of Winnipeg.  We can handle any job from routine maintenance and wiring, to all major repairs.  Our experts are ready to get your trailer back on the road and working for you!

Has your trailer been serviced lately?  Refer to our suggested maintenance schedule to ensure your trailer doesn’t let you down when you need it most.


Item Inspection Required Each Trip 3 Mo. or 5,000 kms. 6 Mo. or 10,000 kms. 12 Mo. or 20,000 kms.
Tires Check tire pressure and tread wear
Lights Check for proper light functions
Breakaway switch Pull pin and test for proper function
Breakaway battery Check battery charge level
Trailer brakes Test braking function and performance
Lug nuts
(wheel bolts)
Tighten to specified torque value
Brake adjustments Test for proper drag (light drag) and adjust as needed
Wheels Check for cracks or dents
Hub and drum assemblies Check for scoring or wear
Wheel bearings Repack bearings and check for damage or wear
Seals Check for damage or leaks
Brake assemblies Check internal parts for wear, leaks, or damage
Brake magnets Check for wear and replace if surface is grooved or copper windings are exposed
Hydraulic brakes Bleed brakes and change brake fluid
Springs Check for broken or flattened springs
Suspension Check for worn or loose fasteners and shackle link wear