Finance Centre

When you are buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, you have lots of great choices and important decisions to make in order to choose the right vehicle that suit your lifestyle and budget.  When it comes to paying for your new vehicle, you also have choices and important decisions to make.

Wilf’s Elie Ford Financing

Our financial services staff primary function is to arrange your vehicle financing as soon as you make the decision to purchase a new vehicle.  They are trained automotive lenders, and work by acting as a vehicle loan “broker” within the dealership – like a mortgage broker.  They have the authority to draw up the vehicle loan agreements on behalf of the chartered banks, you never have to visit a bank branch!

In just a few simple steps, you can apply to finance or lease your vehicle with our secure online shopping tool. This online application gives you the convenience to apply for credit, whenever and wherever it works for you. Next, we’ll follow up to let you know which financing options best suit your needs!

Competitive Rates
No Down Payment O.A.C.
One Stop Shopping
Protected Payments
No Pre-Payment Penalty
Hassle Free Financing
Longer Terms & Lower Payments
Pre-Authorized Payments

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We Offer Competitive Rates – because we do such a large volume of vehicle loans and deal with so many financial institutions, we can offer our customers the best rates.

No Down Payment O.A.C. – you can put as little or as much down payment as you choose toward your vehicle loan.  You can even choose to put $0 down and finance 100% of the vehicle and taxes.

One Stop Shopping – purchasing and financing your vehicle at Wilf’s Elie Ford makes the process very convenient.

Protected Payments – Most people that have a home mortgage have it protected with life and/or illness and injury insurance.  We offer this very same coverage for your vehicle loan – often your second largest asset.

No Pre-Payment Penalty – Dealer Plan vehicle loans can be paid off at any time without interest penalties.


Hassle Free Financing – With our speedy approval process, once an application is completed we most often secure an approval within minutes!

Longer Terms & Lower Payments – In many cases we can arrange for longer terms than you might normally be able to get which can lower your payments or allow you to purchase an upgraded vehicle.

Pre-Authorized Payments – Our financing solutions come with the convenience of pre-authorized payments from a bank account of your choice.