A lease plan that can be tailored to meet your business needs.

Work smart with a customizable plan for your business.*

Ford’s CommerciaLease is an open-ended lease program that allows flexibility to set the residual based upon business requirements.

Eligible vehicles

  • New/used
  • Cars through heavy duty trucks
  • Upfit vehicles
  • High mileage and heavy use vehicles

Ineligible vehicles

  • Vehicles used for livery (for hire) operations
  • Emergency, fire and ambulance
  • Rental units


  • Flexible terms
  • No acquisition or up-front administration
  • No kilometre restrictions or penalties
  • No charges for excess wear and tear
  • Upfits can be residualized
  • Combined billing

Standard Terms and Residuals Guidelines

Months% Based On Final Net Capitalized Cost:
12 mos.65%
24 mos.55%
36 mos.45%
48 mos.35%
60 mos.25%
72 mos.15%

Lease-end Options

You have several options at the end of your CommerciaLease:

  • Contact your dealer to:
    • Purchase or lease a new Ford vehicle and facilitate the trade in of your current CommerciaLease
    • Assist you with terminating your existing CommerciaLease account. You will need to schedule a vehicle return appointment with your originating Dealer.

Note: You are responsible for any deficiency between the balance owed and the selling price (including any costs incurred to sell the vehicle as agreed upon in your Master Lease Agreement).

Warranty and Service Products

It’s smart that you keep up with your scheduled maintenance. What about unexpected repairs? Ford Extended Service Plan (ESP) helps protect you from the cost of any unforeseen events.

*Not all customers will qualify. See your Dealer for standard CommerciaLease customer and vehicle eligibility requirements. All program terms are subject to be changed, modified or removed at Ford Credit’s sole discretion.

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