Agassiz Triple Wedge Enclosed Trailers

When you look at the Agassiz standard features and benefits, you will see the very high-quality Agassiz Trailers offers.

Remember that with this high standard and quality, your resale value is a premium compared to the competitions’ lesser quality trailer. Let Agassiz trailers speak for themselves.

With the extra bonus storage due to the V-front, you will have more room for payload and your cargo will arrive safe and dry.


  • On a 7’x14′ Triple Wedge trailer you have 45 cu. ft. of more cargo space (compared to a standard 7’x14′ snub (flat) nose trailer).
  • The Triple Wedge is easy to pull, making it more economical and in return, conserving fuel.
  • The Triple Wedge directs the airflow to both sides as well as up and over, dramatically increasing the handling of the trailer.
  • Agassiz trailers are mounted on Dexter Torflex Axles. Most competitors have spring axles, which is an inferior axle.
  • Agassiz Trailers’ Torflex Axles have the E-Z Lube hubs with grease zerks for easy maintenance. Most competitors use standard hubs, which is time-consuming to maintain.
  • Agassiz Trailers have a one-piece rolled roof. Most competitors use and incorporate sectional roofs that tend to leak.
  • Agassiz uses High Tensile 4″ “I” beam floor cross members as a standard feature. Most competitors use a channel iron, which is heavier and weaker in construction.
  • Agassiz trailers undercoat the entire chassis and plywood to protect against rust and plywood rot. Most competitors partially paint the chassis only.
  • Agassiz trailers incorporate a dissimilar metal barrier between the exterior aluminum wall and the steel wall studs to prevent aluminum oxidization due to salt and water corrosion. NOTE: to our knowledge, Agassiz is the only manufacturer with this feature. Built the same way as a highway tractor-trailer in order to prolong the life of the trailer.
  • Agassiz .375″ G1S (Good One Side) interior walls with galvanized flashing seams. Competitors use slat stapled seams which tend to warp and fall off.
  • Agassiz .75″ G1S (Good One Side) plywood floor. All floor seams are sealed on all floor cross members as well as the exterior perimeter. This is exclusive to Agassiz Trailers; in order to have the most dust-free trailer on the market. NOTE: No known competitor seals their floors.