Agassiz Voyageur

  • The Voyageur line of Trailer is a division of an Agassiz Trailer.
  • The trailer is built to the same high-quality standard that is associated with the Agassiz Triple Wedge Design.
  • The Voyageur, by Agassiz, will still incorporate the L.E.D. lights, I beams, and undercoat the unit, the same as the Triple Wedge “V” Front.
  • The Voyageur is the only trailer that Agassiz will manufacture in a 4 or 5-foot width because aerodynamics is not as big an issue.
  • We build the Voyageur line of trailers in the 8 1/2 foot wide as well. The slightly rounded front Voyageur 8 1/2 foot wide trailers are mainly used or built for the Auto Haulers, used in behind motor homes, although they are also used for other applications.
  • There is a slight cost saving with the Voyageur line of the trailer as compared to the Triple wedge “V” front.


  • Round Nose Front
  • Ibeam Cross Members
  • Undercoating
  • One-Piece Rolled Aluminum Roof
  • Heavy-Duty Safety Chains
  • Aluminum Fenders
  • All-Steel Frame
  • 030 Smooth Exterior Aluminum
  • Dissimilar Metal Barrier
  • Formed Steel Rear Header
  • Steel Roof Bars
  • Door(s) Are Double Sealed To Auto Industry Standards
  • Cambar Lock Door Latches
  • Safety Spring Chains On Doors
  • Sealed Side Walls And Floor
  • 1/4″ Iuan Fiberboard Lining
  • Enclosed Wiring Harness With L.E.D. Lights

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