How do I update the Wi-Fi network for my Ford Connected Charge Station?

Before you start, ensure you have the Ford Charge Station Setup App downloaded to your mobile device and connected to your charge station.

  1. Open the Ford Charge Station Setup App. Note: If you have more than one charge station connected to the Setup App, you will need to select the one you want to update.
  2. Tap Setup and Configuration.
Ford Charge Station Setup App - Setup and Configuration page
  1. Select UPDATE WI-FI.
Ford Charge Station Setup App - Update Wi-Fi
  1. Tap Locate Networks to view available networks. 
Ford Charge Station Setup App - Locate Wi-Fi Network
  1. Select your preferred network and press Next.
Select Wi-Fi Network
  1. Enter the network password and tap Connect Wi-Fi. A confirmation message will appear if the Wi-Fi connection is successful.