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About Agassiz Trailers

"Agassiz", the name is derived from the geographical area of where Agassiz trailers are built. Lake Agassiz covered the entire Winkler, Manitoba, Canada region in prehistoric days. Thus, the name "Agassiz".

Enclosed Trailers

The Agassiz catalogue consists of enclosed trailers built using advanced aerodynamic and structural designs. Not only that, but their enclosed trailer designs are built to withstand the drastic and sometimes extreme Canadian climates, successfully fulfilling all of the needs that our customers require in their trailer.

Agassiz Trailer Inventory

Agassiz Triple Wedge Enclosed Trailers

  1. On a 7'x14' Triple Wedge trailer you have 45 cu.ft. more cargo space as compared to a standard 7'x14' snub (flat) nose trailer.
  2. The Triple Wedge is easy to pull, making it more economical and in return conserving fuel.
  3. The Triple Wedge directs the airflow to both sides as well as up and over, dramatically increasing the handling of the trailer.
  4. Agassiz trailers are mounted on Dexter Torflex Axles. Most competitors have spring axles, which is an inferior axle.
  5. Agassiz trailers' Torflex axles have the E-Z Lube hubs with grease zerks for easy maintenance. Most competitors use standard hubs, which is time consuming to maintain.
  6. Agassiz trailers have a one piece rolled roof. Most competitors use and incorporate sectional roofs that tend to leak.
  7. Agassiz .375" G1S (good one side) interior walls with galvanized flashing seams. Competitors use slat stapled seams which tend to warp and fall off.
  8. Agassiz .75" G1S (good one side) plywood floor. All floor seams are sealed on all floor cross members as well as exterior perimeter. This is exclusive to an Agassiz trailers; in order to have the most dust free trailer on the market. NOTE: No known competitor seals their floors.
  9. Agassiz uses High Tensile 4" "I" beam floor cross members as a standard feature. Most competitors use a channel iron, which is heavier and weaker in construction.
  10. Agassiz trailers undercoat the entire chassis and plywood to protect against rust and plywood rot. Most competitors partially paint the chassis only.
  11. Agassiz trailers set a very high safety standard for the industry. A 12-volt emergency Break-A-Way Kit is standard on all single axles trailers. This dramatically increases the payload capacity. Most competitors have this as an option.
  12. Agassiz trailers incorporate a dissimilar metal barrier between the exterior aluminum wall and the steel wall studs to prevent aluminum oxidization due to salt and water corrosion. NOTE: to our knowledge, Agassiz is the only manufacturer with this huge feature. Built the same way as a highway tractor-trailer in order to prolong the life of the trailer. Another Agassiz exclusive.

When you look at the Agassiz standard features and benefits, you will see the very high quality Agassiz offers.

Remember that with this high standard and quality, your resale value is a premium compared to the competitions' lesser quality trailer. Let Agassiz trailers speak for themselves.

With the extra bonus storage due to the V-front, you will have more room for payload and your cargo will arrive safe and dry.

Take a look, see for yourself. See why your choice should be an Agassiz for your hauling needs.

Auto Haulers

The "Aer-Cargo" auto haulers by Agassiz are one of the most aerodynamic trailers on the market today. The triple wedge "V" front, directs the air flow to both sides as well as up and over.

The 4 ft. "V", greatly enhances the ease of towing, resulting in better gas mileage with your tow vehicle. All different lengths are manufactured and different interior heights are optional for the taller vehicles.

Many customers purchase the auto hauler for 4 season uses. By simply adding the optional "V" front ramp door, your auto hauler is now converted to a trailer to haul your sleds in winter or you're A.T.V.'s in the spring and fall as well. It is built in Canada to withstand the Canadian climate and the severe temperature changes.

The innovative design and high standards at Agassiz sets us apart from the rest of the manufacturers. Our aim is to manufacture high quality and dust proof trailers. After all, that's why you want a trailer in the first place.

Also, we incorporate a 4 ft. beavertail. When you're hauling low riding vehicles, whether it's a Corvette or a show bike, this 4 ft. beavertail or dovetail floor, allows more clearance distance and less chance of damage to vehicles that are low to the ground.

Standard with the " Agassiz " manufactured auto haulers are the four 5000 lb. D-rings in the floor, the rear ramp door, the 4 ft. beavertail, equalizer hitch ready, and the rear in-corner stabilizer jacks.


  1. The Voyageur line of Trailer is a division of an Agassiz trailer.
  2. The trailer is built to the same high quality standard thats is associated with the Agassiz Triple wedge design, Only without the Triple wedge design.
  3. The Voyageur, by Agassiz, we will still incorporate the L.E.D. lights, I beams, and undercoat the unit, the same as the Triple wedge "V" front, other than spring axles as well.
  4. The Voyageur is the only trailer that we will manufacture in a 4 or 5 foot width because aerodynamics is not as big an issue.
  5. We build the Voyageur line of trailers in the 8 1/2 foot wide as well. The slightly rounded front Voyageur 
    8 1/2 foot wide trailers are mainly used or build for the Auto haulers, used in behind motor homes, although they are also used for other applications.
  6. There is a slight cost saving with the Voyageur line of trailer as compared to the Triple wedge "V" front.


  • Round nose front
  • Ibeam cross members
  • Undercoating
  • One piece rolled aluminum roof
  • Heavy duty safety chains
  • Aluminum fenders
  • All steel frame
  • 030 smooth exterior aluminum
  • Dissimilar metal barrier
  • Formed steel rear header
  • Steel roof bars
  • Door(s) are double sealed to auto industry standards
  • Cambar lock door latches
  • Safety spring chains on doors
  • Sealed side walls and floor
  • 1/4" Iuan fiberboard lining
  • Enclosed wiring harness with L.E.D lights


Triple Wedge

6' Cargo Trailers

6' Single Axle (3500 lb axles)
6' Tandem Axle (3500 lb axles)

7' Cargo Trailers

7' Tandem Axle  (3500 lb axles)
7' Tandem Axle  (5200 lb axles)

8' Cargo Trailers

8' Tandem Axle (3500 lb axles)
8' Tandem Axles (5200 lb axles)
8' Tandem Axles (6000 lb axles)


Auto Haulers

8.5' Tandem Axle  (3500 lb axles)
8.5' Tandem Axle  (5200 lb axles)
8.5' Tandem Axle (6000 lb axles)

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